In 2005 I was given the Perelandra guide to working with the Nature Intelligences and invited me to embark on what has become the most amazing new leg on the journey of my life.  Working co-creatively with Nature has allowed me to align my work with the greatest concept of the natural world, which is to always be seeking balance.

When I started this co-creative relationship I was given the name Xhosa to refer to my garden.  The Xhosa, as it turns out are many beautiful people living peacefully in South Africa.  It is noteworthy that the Xhosa live in round thatched huts and my family lives in a self designed yurt, also a round structure. Coincidence maybe, but I embrace it as part of the never ending tapestry of my journey, which reinforces and supports how we are all connected and each individual affects the whole.

My husband Mark and I found 70 acres of vacant land over 20 years ago and knew as soon as we stepped foot on the property that it was where we would live out our days.  The magical draw to the place that I now call my home was overwhelming and an undeniable communication from Nature that this is where we were meant to be.

My garden is inclusive, which means that everything here is welcome.  Co-creatively gardening with Nature has opened my eyes to the magic and abundance that the Universe has to offer, and allowed me to go beyond the common reasoning with which many garden, and accept guidance from sources far more advanced than the scholars that write our gardening books.

In 2008 I attended an intensive training in Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and began to understand how energies moved in the body, as well as how they can get stuck.  I now started to understand how the human realm ultimately wanted exactly what Nature had been showing me...Balance.

While Xhosa Gardens is a place, a physical garden, you are a soil less garden and aligned in the manner that both require cultivation, maintenance and love.  It is here that my real work began and I embrace every opportunity to assist others in the development and enhancement of their most personal garden, which consequently affects the planet as a whole, as all is one, and each of of us the other.

For five years I used the communication tool referred to as kinesiology to gather information in a yes/no format from the team that agreed to sponsor Xhosa Gardens.  When the garden achieved the necessary balance and I was directed to make the Xhosa Flower Essences, the communication took on new levels and I began to download information beyond the yes/no format to a conscious stream of information.  That is when the real fun began...Healing Energy Restoration became my work.

Alchemy recognizes the interconnection of Humanity, Nature and the Cosmos.

Working co-creatively with Nature,                                                                                                              I as the Alchemist provide the sensitive consciousness of                                                                  the human realm in concert with                                                                                                     the Earth which nurtures the plants                                                                                    , the Air from which it feeds,                                                                                                          the Sun to enable it to impart its power,                                                                                  and the Water which offers its beneficent magnetic healing.                                                                                                                                                             Alchemy is the transformation of these gifts from Nature made more accessible to you.

With Love Peace and Gratitude,                                                                                                Mary Wittig, Optimist and Alchemist                                                                                    Xhosa Gardens