• Take the Next Step Foot Lotion

Take the Next Step Foot Lotion





-Xhosa Flower Essence Lotions contain a unique recipe of Xhosa Flower Essences that offer a dynamic energy enhancing formula in a luxurious all natural lotion.  The moment that I recognized how many people could easily benefit from the essences healing and balancing patterns when applied topically I understood why Xhosa Flower Essences were developed.  I hope you decide to check them out.

Each lotions recipe draws from all three sets of essences.  ASPIRE    THRIVE   ASCEND.  Each essence has its own healing and balancing pattern.  Recipes for each lotion listed below.


Invites and encourages you to move forward with renewed energy in whatever direction you choose to go.

This life is not about staying put, but about moving forward.  There is nothing stagnant about our journey's and the only real constant is change. 

Take the Next Step is designed to assist you in this forward movement.  To explore new possibilities and new paths of fulfillment.  To see what's in store around the next corner, or explore what is happening in a different direction.                             

 Take the Next Step encourages you to step onto the Yellow Brick Road with the assurance that when you travel with YOUR SELF you are always safe at HOME.  You cannot get lost when you know who YOU ARE.  We already know where we have been, so the question is "Where are you going?".                                                                                    

 Take the Next Step invites us to venture out with less hesitation, to take action to seize the opportunity to recognize and realize our goals while staying in motion.  is It is suited for those who have settled into a routine that is no longer exciting.  Everyday presents chances and choices to seek out something new, and push the limits of your comfort zone.  

   Trust Your Intuition and say no to standing still...Take the Next Step!


THESE GREAT SCENTS AVAILABLE:  *Cedar Sandalwood  *Cinnamon Sandalwood  *Citrus Sage               *Cucumber Melon  *Fig  *Lavender Sage & Rosemary  *Orange Cinnamon  *Patchouli and Sandalwood  *Pineapple Cilantro  *Tuberose and Jasmine  *White Maple and Clove

The unique combination of Xhosa Flower Essences in this product are as follows:

*ASPIRE*   BAPTISIA provides an opportunity to expand your sense of self value and see others in a better light.  PINK LUPINE assists in seeking clarity and direction during challenging times.  CELANDINE POPPY restores explosive joy and contentedness when faced with dark or despair.  STRAWBERRY restores pure innocent integrity when jaded or disappointed.  PINK DIANTHUS provides endurance and perseverance through challenging situations.  Restores calm and balance.  DELPHINIUM restores order and complacency after emotional distress.  SPREADING DOGBANE provides serenity and calming during crisis or emotional imbalance.  Restores peacefulness and acceptance of self.

*THRIVE*  RED CLOVER assists in recovery from physical distress or trauma.  Validates risk taking or injury.  MT. FUJI PHLOX assists in integration of lessons learned through mental anguish or stress.  JEWELWEED helpful in assimilating new information.  Assists with the fear of time restraints or deadlines.  Allows tasks to proceed with ease.  TOMATO assists the body in shattering and throwing off that which is causing infection or disease.  ROSE OF SHARON enhances concentration and productivity through daunting tasks, while providing clarity and purpose.  VIOLA  helpful during and after physical exertion.  Boosts the immune system for a more cohesive physical-mental state.  JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE helpful in correcting long standing illness.  Provides a sense of ease to physical discomfort, while breaking down the emotional barriers related to the disease.

*ASCEND*  DAFFODIL Wake Up.  To assist in making the shift from a 5 sensory system to a multi-sensory system.  To activate the dormant skills needed to accommodate new ways of obtaining information.  FORSYTHIA Expedience.  This essence will assist in recognizing that all that is, is as it should be.                      PEACH Eternal Love.  This essence will help to ground the individual on the physical plane while fully embracing the concept of connectedness to all other beings.  True Divine Love experienced from within and expressed unconditionally with unlimited possibility and potential.  RHODODENDRON Exuberance.  Assists in recognizing the magical nature of the journey at this time.  To see the world through the eyes of a child with the expectation that wonderful events are occurring in every moment in rapid succession with no end in sight.  RED MAPLE Allowance.  Provides clarity in assisting the ability to overcome resistance providing a clear path to allowance.  LILY OF THE VALLEY  Patience.  Helps to alleviate the human obsession with time, to better observe the present moment as the only facet worthy of concern.  LILAC  Coherency.  Assists in developing and accepting the relationship with Universal Intelligence as a constant source of guidance.  DANDELION  Groundedness.  Assists in the transition of the individual maintaining the physical state while the light body attains awareness of new dimensions.