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  • Xhosa Flower Essences

Xhosa Flower Essences

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Xhosa Flower Essences are subtle liquid extracts taken in oral or topical form, used to address issues of emotional and physical well-being, soul development, and mind-body health.  They offer a safe, natural alternative for restoring balance and harmony without altering the body's dynamic biochemistry.

Xhosa Flower Essences are immediately effective, and their effects are cumulative with use.  They encourage rather than compel change, evocative catalysts that stimulate and energize the inner transformation process without biochemical intervention.

By awakening the innate capacities of our soul, Xhosa Flower Essences enhance health on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Your journey is a quest for wholeness, founded on the recognition that illness or dis-ease is a wake-up call from our soul, demanding self-discovery and sensitivity through the connection to others and the world around us.                                                                         It requires that we explore our inner attitudes, beliefs and perceptions.

Xhosa Flower Essences challenge us to self-awareness and change, while introducing the choice to seize opportunity toward soul metamorphosis.  By creating a dialogue with the soul, rather than dictating to it, Xhosa Flower Essences encourages your inner light to experience restoration through self-empowerment.

Xhosa Flower Essences are available in sets of 1/2 ounce dropper bottles.  They are taken one drop at a time.  Every-body's electrical system has the ability to connect with the healing and balancing pattern in each essence, therefore determining what is beneficial to you and when.  Self-testing tips and definitions are included with each set.

 Set 1   ASPIRE   is comprised of 12 essences plus a trauma solution which address the emotional and mental issues responsible for imbalance.   Below is a list of the essences in this set.

-BAPTISIA  Provides an opportunity to expand your sense of self value and see others in better light.

-PINK LUPINE  Assists in seeking clarity and direction during challenging times.

-BLUEBERRY  Provides the ability to conscientiously discern right and wrong when using judgment.  Helpful in finding the path when facing difficult situations.

-RASPBERRY  Provides calming during emotional distress.  Gets you back on track to happiness.

-CELANDINE POPPY  Restores explosive joy and contentedness when faced with dark or despair.

-STRAWBERRY  Restores pure innocent integrity when jaded or disappointed.

-GROUND IVY   Helps to promote childlike wonderment, fascination and playfulness free of inhibitions.

-PINK DIANTHUS  Provides endurance and perseverance through challenging situations.  Restores calm and balance.

-WHITE DIANTHUS  Offers strength through clashes and conflicts.  Ability to see both sides for more effective resolution.  Helpful for healing mental battle wounds.

-DELPHINIUM  Restores order and complacency after emotional distress.

-SPREADING DOGBANE  Provides serenity and calming during crisis or emotional imbalance.  Restores peacefulness and acceptance of self.

-SUGAR SNAP PEA  Rebalances a child or adult after a nightmare.  Assists in ability to translate daily experience into positive understandable process.


Set 2   THRIVE  contains 14 essences which address the emotional and mental issues as well as the physical situations and consequences responsible for imbalance.  Below is a list of the essences in this set.

-RED CLOVER  Assists in recovery from physical distress or trauma.  Validates risk taking or injury.

-MT. FUJI PHLOX  Assists in integration of lessons learned through mental anguish or stress.  Helpful in administering forgiveness or compassion.

-JEWELWEED  Helpful in assimilating new information.  Assists with fear of time restraints or deadlines. Allows tasks to proceed with ease.

-WHITE ECHINACEA  Throwing off that which is causing physical ailment or disease.  Introduction of positive influence on all PEMS levels. (physical emotional mental spiritual)

-CHICORY  Assists in physical endurance and stamina.  Boosts self esteem and confidence, especially during competition.

-GERANIUM  Provides perseverance and patience through lengthy projects.  Assists in ability to move forward with tact and diplomacy.

-ROYAL BURGANDY BEAN  Provides peacefulness, calming and serenity.  Offers assurance of personal value and strength while delivering a sense of ease when questioning life's purpose.

-TOMATO  Cleansing.  Assists the body in casting off that which is causing infection or dis-ease.

-DILL  Assists the individual in reclaiming power balance one has released to others through victimization.

-ROSE OF SHARON  Enhances concentration and productivity through daunting tasks, while providing clarity and purpose.

-VIOLA  Helpful during and after physical exertion.  Boosts immune system for more cohesive physical-mental state.

-SPEARMINT  Provides a sense of freshness to mundane or boring situations and circumstances.

-JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE  Helpful in correcting long standing illness.  Provides a sense of ease to physical discomfort, while breaking down the emotional barriers related to the dis-ease.

-WHITE YARROW  Assists in integrating new knowledge regarding emotional patterns and physical consequences.  Assists in the ability to override that which is causing anguish or stress to allow the healing process to begin. 


Set 3   ASCEND   is an advanced set of 12 essences to assist individuals in expansion on a soul level to adapt to the ever increasing vibration of the planet.  Below is a list of the essences in this set.

-GLORY OF THE SNOW BLUE  Emergence.  To assist the individual on a new level of soul growth to adapt to the ever increasing vibration of the planet.

-DAFFODIL  Wake Up.  To assist in making the shift from a 5 sensory system to a multi sensory system.  To activate the dormant skills needed to accommodate new ways of obtaining information.

-FORSYTHIA  Expedience.  This essence will assists in recognizing that all that is, is as it should be.

-VIOLET  Persistence.  This essence will provide the soul structure needed to continue to identify true happiness.  To build the momentum needed to quest for energy enhancing choices.

-TULIP  Insight.  This essence will work directly with the 6th chakra to assist the individual in downloading the information needed for enhanced living.

-PEACH  Eternal Love.  This essence will help to ground the individual on the physical plane while fully embracing the concept of connectedness to all other beings.  True Divine Love experienced from within and expressed unconditionally with unlimited possibility and potential.

-RHODODENDRON  Exuberance.  Assists in recognizing and embracing the magical nature of the journey at this time.  To see the world through the eyes of a child with the expectation that wonderful events are occuring in every moment in rapid succession with no end in sight.

-RED MAPLE  Allowance.  Provides clarity in assisting the ability to overcome resistance providing a clear path to allowance.

-APRICOT  Sweetness.  Helps to release all bitter, sour thoughts and emotions to allow the soul to fully embrace the sweetness in all that is.  Assists with the ability to recognize and accept pure joy as an abundant and everlasting state of being.

-LILY OF THE VALLEY  Patience.  Helps to alleviate the human obsession with time, to better observe the present moment as the only facet worthy of concern.

-LILAC  Coherency.  Assists in developing and accepting the relationship with Universal Intelligences as a constant source of guidance.

-DANDELION  Groundedness.  Assists in the transition of the individual maintaining the physical state while the light body attains awareness of new dimensions.